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Web design and web development

The development of a website is a complex process that begins with an idea of ​​a design, the purpose of the website and the message that you want to transmit. Before starting with the web development you should consider the following points:

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  • The main goal of the website
  • The message and emotion you want to transmit
  • Thd desired action of the website visitor
  • The need to update the website more or less regularly
  • The colors and fonts that will be used
  • The form of web development (handcoded HTML or the use of a platform such as WordPress)
  • The logo
  • The graphic material (videos, images, tables, etc.)
  • The content, the most important keywords and the structure
  • Your budget
  • Deadline for completion of the web development

If you do not know where to start and need help with these points, Feencode can help you from the beginning. Feencode creates your brand, finds your best keywords, chooses the best colors to transmit your message and designs your logo.

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How do you choose the form of the web development?

There are two possibilities to create a website. You can use a content management system, such as WordPress or develop a website without the help from any platform.

The advantages of WordPress and other platforms

Easy editing

If the web page requires many changes and a lot of editing throughout its life, WordPress can be highly recommended because you can edit content without the knowledge of coding.

Access from anywhere

You can edit your website online from anywhere.

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You can extend the functionality of the website with the help of Plugins. Many Plugins are free and help in creating content or make it easier to add elements such as Google Maps. There are also Plugins like Yoast SEO that help optimize the website for search engines.

The disadvantages of WordPress and other platforms

Additional costs

The use of WordPress and other platforms is not free. You must take into account the annual costs for the maintenance of a web page.

You have to study the platform

Although editing content with Wordpress is easier than learning to use code, you have to learn how the WordPress interface works. Studying the platform WordPress requires time and attention.

Viruses and hackers

WordPress has many Plugins that are very useful but at the same time they contain a risk of including a virus or they may give access to hackers.

Web page speed

WordPress is slower than pages made without tools. One of the main causes is the additional and unnecessary code that comes with the platforms. If you want to have a fast and light web page, you should avoid platforms like WordPress. The speed of a page is very important for the web positioning. The user prefers fast web pages that give the desired result instantaneously.


Plugins and the WordPress platform itself need to be constantly updated to avoid security problems or viruses. WordPress pages require regular maintenance, while a web page with handcoded HTML may remain unchanged for a long time.

Less possibilities for SEO positioning

Web pages with handcoded HTML are always easier and offer unlimited options to be optimized for SEO. WordPress and other platforms have their limits.

Design limits

The design with handcoded HTML has no limits. Web pages made by Wordpress find their limit in their chosen theme at the beginning and you can usually notice that a website is made by WordPress immediately.

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There is no right or wrong in your decision! But you must know the advantages and disadvantages to see what applies in your individual situation. If you want to know more, I recommend you watch the following video.

What can Feencode do for you?

Do not worry about all the information! You do not have to have previous knowledge nor do you have to know everything before you start. The data given can only help you as a guide before getting down to work. Feencode helps you with everything and will explain all the steps, accompanying you from the beginning to the end. Feencode can help you with:

  • Web development and web design (UI design) with handcoded HTML (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP) or WordPress, optimized for SEO
  • Branding your own company (create your brand and find the message you want to convey, create your logo, choose your personalized colors and find the best name for your brand)
  • The creation of an intuitive and adaptable website (viewable from any device)

Regardless of your decision regarding the form of web development, Feencode will pay attention that the design is aesthetic, but light, adaptable and user-friendly at the same time. Feencode creates the architecture of the site as expected by the user. The movement through the Web has to be easy and uninterrupted.

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Digital marketing

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing or marketing 2.0, is the application of marketing strategies in the field of digital media. Its objective is not that different from traditional marketing, it is only benefiting from new technologies and the internet. Digital marketing allows the promotion of products or services online with the help of platforms and social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Digital marketing differs from traditional marketing, in the ability to measure the exact results of a campaign, and gives direct responses and reactions from potential customers. Nowadays, customers have a great influence factor, and that is why we have to change the focus of campaigns to the user. Modern tools offer us the possibility to find and analyze the correct target group. The digital strategy uses all areas where the target group can be influenced. In addition, it includes the optimization of the search engine ranking and the analysis of information to optimize the performance of campaigns.

Digital marketing is the integration of creativity, design, profitability and analysis to obtain the maximum return on investment.
online marketing

What can Feencode do for you?

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Feencode is not only responsible for web development, but also helps with the promotion of the products or services, offered by the website. For online marketing it is essential to take into account the following points:

  • The efficiency of the website where you present yourself
  • With the visual attraction and the message of the promotion, Feencode will be able to transmit the desired message
  • The profitable and efficient strategy of SEM (SEO and SEA: SEO is the organic traffic and SEA is the paid traffic via Google Adwords and similar tools)
  • Attractive promotion actions (for content marketing on online media, promotions on social networks or mobile applications, advertising via email marketing or digital advertising via banners)

You do not have to worry about anything. If you do not have experience with marketing that is no problem! Together with Feencode we develop and apply your optimal digital marketing strategy to promote your products or services as efficiently as possible, adapting the strategies to your budget.

Areas of digital marketing

If you want to know more about the professional development of Feencode, you can get more information on the Feencode curriculum page.

Before starting with your advertising, Feencode can give you recommendations to find the best digital marketing strategy.

Google Adwords

Feencode has a Google Adwords certification and has been practicing for years with big campaigns. You can get help to promote your products or services by Google Adwords for the best price.

Social media

You can create Facebook and Instagram campaigns with the help from Feencode.

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Email marketing

Email promotions still play a big role in modern marketing and Feencode can help you with your email campaigns and the improvement of your database.

Google Analytics and analysis of promotional campaigns

Feencode can analyze the behavior of your website visitors or the performance of a promotional campaign in order to optimize the return on investment and/or the performance of your website.

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SEO and translations

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of obtaining traffic for free within the search engine results. All search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing show search results based on the keyword or key phrase entered in the search. These results are displayed in the form of a list of different web pages. The search engine has developed a calculation to measure the relevance of a web page for the user. The more relevant a website evaluates, the better position it has within the results.

SEO is not only important to display a website on the first positions of a search and get an advantage over competitors, but also influences the converion cost of a paid campaign. The better the SEO of a web page is optimized, the cheaper is the cost per conversion with an ad by Google Adwords (which is the SEA strategy). SEO always influences SEA and is therefore important for any website.

SEO positioning

The SEO strategy is so complex that no SEO expert knows all the strategies. Only some are known, as Google never reveals all secrets of the exact calculation to everyone. In addition, its calculation is constantly changing.

What can Feencode do for you?

Feencode applies the basic SEO strategies to every developed web page. If you want to optimize your website for even more web positioning, you can ask Feencode for help. You do not have to know anything about SEO, let Feencode help you to improve your position on the search engine.

Feencode also makes translations and optimizes your website for the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • German (native)
  • English (C1 certificate)
  • Dutch

Are you ready? Do you want to start optimizing your website?

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