Projects of Feencode

The service of web development and digital marketing is not only a job, but a passion. The client can choose the design, combination of colors and content of his web page. Feencode helps with the choice and makes changes to the content (if necessary) in order to improve the search engine positioning, using SEO strategies. If you want to know more about the services that Feencode offers, check out our services page.

Feencode helps you find the best solution for your business and adapts to your preferences.

Do you have a creative mind, a business plan or do you simply want to start a project but do not know anything about HTML or the world of marketing? Never mind! Feencode can help you in realizing your ideas. You will work on what you like and Feencode takes care of the rest. The result will be 100% your project and 100% your dream.

The name of the agency Feencode refers to the good fairy of "Once upon a time" and it symbolizes the process of fulfilling wishes so that you can live your dream.

You desire - I create!

The following projects have been created during the first years of experience.

src="img/Prema_Gaia_Yoga.jpg" alt="Website of a Yoga teacher, blogger and vlogger">
Prema Gaia Yoga 2020, yoga teacher, blogger and vlogger
Website of an artist and art teacher
Ana Leslie Colores 2020, artist and art teacher
Website of a Yoga teacher and Life Coach
Silvia Belmonte 2018 - 2019, yoga teacher and life coach
Website of a musician
Karl Biehlig - 2018, musician and artistic professor
Website of an artist and interior designer
Freakxsoul 2018 - 2019, artist and interior designer